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When I started to think about a name for my first book I went the gamut.  I had suggestions from family members and friends but found that SOUL said exactly what I wanted it to say.  As a Chef I have experienced and served many different kinds of food.  From sweet to savory – I cook and bake.  But I found with this first book I wanted to share my “comfort” – recipes that I go back to again and again.  Not always my staple but dishes that reach my SOUL.

I found in writing these recipes down finally for others I found the root of where they came from.  I found the tradition and heart of the recipe.  Sometimes you go through life so quick and things become monotonous – repetitive and you don’t stop to “smell the food or recipe”.  Where it came from – what you were doing when you first ate it – how you helped your grandmother on Sunday morning.  It has been so fulfilling going back in my memories to share these recipes with you. 

There are old favorites like my 8 Cheese Macaroni & cheese, collard greens and peach cobbler but there are some new favorites like my carrot cake and brisket hash.  So pick up your copy of SOUL…

“Keep it Cookin’”

Chef Dawn

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